Do you need help organising or styling your home or business?

Whether you wish you could improve the look and feel of your environment, from a cosmetic makeover to a complete redesign, or simply just to sort out your surroundings and create some space, then The Green & Blue Company has the solution for you.

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​Personal Organising & Interior Styling ​  

Lots of practical ideas for organising your life, home or office and those all important storage solutions. Many people suffer from the ‘don’t know where to start’ syndrome, which is where I can help you see a way forward to put order into your life, by providing the ideas to suit your needs. 

​i Do you also lack the skills and knowledge to refresh these spaces. Whether you are looking to restyle an individual room or an entire property, I can refresh or remove the dowdy or dated and rearrange them to reflect you and your space.​ Or create a whole new look with an interior style makeover.



Quiet Design - not to be confused with minimalism, which can be unrelenting in austerity, ‘quiet’ design uses a considered approach to filling (or not filling) a space, to the colour palette and to the harmonious blending of materials. It is calming without being cocooning. House and Garden Jun 17