Interior Restyle


Home Office/Commercial

I don’t believe that re-design or restyling necessarily needs to be a hugely disruptive or expensive process, and  work with you to achieve the maximum impact within your budget. Often you will have existing furniture and accessories that you would like to uitilise in a refreshed room scheme, and I can work to create innovative and cost effective ways so that they can be worked in.

​Helping you you freshen up a room with a new coat of paint, a good clean of the carpet or soft furnishings and some carefully selected accessories.  Amazing results can be achieved even in small areas or on a tight budget with the right choice of colour, textures and accessories – knowing the secrets of creating ‘the magazine look’ which is often achievable for less effort than you think.

If you need inspiration but want to do the job yourself, then I can also produce Mood and Scheme Boards that are created to suggest the look, tone and feel of a design through the use of imagery, fabric samples and elements of decorating materials to capture the ambience of the room.

Having spent many years running and setting up businesses, I have a flair for bringing calm to the chaos.  Many businesses simply don’t have the time to get a grip on their systems, processes and continue to struggle on, amidst the ever-growing mountain of data, information and clutter.

I can identify effective processes to help sort your office/workspace paperwork, and design and implement systematic office/workspace filing systems to allow you to get on with running your business more effectively.  Obviously this service is very dependent on the needs and nature of the work environment, and we would discuss this in detail with you and any colleagues.

Personal Organising

Most homes suffer from a lack of storage space, or simply too much stuff! The resulting clutter in our lives can wear us down and even cause us stress.

By helping you gain control of your possessions, paper, perhaps de-clutter a few, and help come up with practical and effective ways of bringing some order to your life or room(s).

The result of this approach ranges from a tidy wardrobe that can actually hold your clothes without crushing them, to a completely re-planned storage area for anything from the children’s toys, kitchen cupboards , to the home office.

Pricing – we offer a free initial consultation over the telephone to assess your needs. A quotation and plan for the work required will be given after the initial consultation.

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